12117134There’s no secret that many cyclists have to use the Stand Trainer in the off-season or then they don’t want to ride outdoor because of nasty weather. But they fairly think that simple pedaling is dull and ineffective.

This topic is discussed in many cycle forums rather often! Here is the recent topic from Velomania.ru (Russian).

I’d like to propose you probably not the most-effective but rather easy way how to do the exercises on the stand trainer! This way is based on the free-shared trainingprograms by manufacturer of stand trainer. This is the visualization of those programs. In other words you don’t need to follow-up the stopwatch and the print-out of trainingprogram anymore. You just need to settle your PC, tablet, smartphone or any other device which allows to play video beside you. Also you’ll need a cycle-computer with a cadence sensor, but in principle even the most simple cycle-computer can be used for this purpose.

Bellow the examples of standtrainer programs from Tacx  visualisation can be found

In case you like these examples others visualized programs can be baught:

How to use those visualisations

1. Download the video or watch it online (quality could be lower)
2. Get on your bike fixed in the stand trainer and start cycling with the lever position, the gear and the cadence shown in the slide. Gears for the road-race bike (700C wheels, 53-42 crankset, 25-11 cassete) are shown in brown, gears for the MTB (26″ wheels, 42-32-22 crankset, 11-32 cassete) are shown in green.
3. In case you don’t like the soundtrack just mute it and listen to your favorite music in parrallel or do the exercises in the silence.
4. 15 seconds before the route is changed you can see the next gear, lever position and cadence in red